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Beautiful People (var.4) chords read and play online

Title:  "Beautiful People" .
music by Rusted Root
Words by Mike Glabicki,

*originally submitted by Matt Ittigson
and Matthew Tanzer

(for intro finger pick chords, add occasioal suspended fourths on D, A,
and G)

*the following tab was submitted
Thursday, December 11, 1997
by Rich Jarvis

  ^ indicates strings played with index finger

    D                    A
          ^ ^                  ^ ^
    Come ..

    C                    G
          ^ ^                  ^ ^
    Maybe ..

D                  A
Maybe ..
C                 G
Pure ..

D         A
For ..
C     G
Daddy ..
D       A       C       G
Oooh (held)

Same chords for the rest of the song.

Why ..
Brushed ..
Brushed ..
Brush ..
Brush ..




Repeat last line.

Instrumental and Voices                    

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